Big update!

Sup peeps!

Merry belated X-Mas and happy new year

I have a ton of work to post up… so Enjoy!

Oh I’ve Also started my new year doing an anatomy course with Scott Eaton!

Very In depth and going well so far!

First Set of images are all My recent study’s and sketches, The first female is a large 4k image with about 40k resolution of displacement maps, I have been learning Mari and trying a new multi patch setup (Daisy Chain), learning how to link all the textures and getting the displacement maps to work together, there is the basic displacement map rendered out from zbrush and Fine displacement from mari containing all of the fine wrinkles and pores, also learning how to set up realistic lighting and learning how to properly set up linear workflow I will later be applying these to a realistic skin shader with colour maps so more updates on her to come :). The rest of the sculptures are mostly speedies ranging from 4 hours to 30min.

Second Batch is from my work on Desert Zombie (ios game) and other unreleased titles

I came in pretty late into the project so some of the characters I didn’t design, I just helped touch up on textures, re worked the polygons for better animation deformation and polycounts and converted the highpoly sculpts in pc and ios resolution

This Video is from a freelance project I worked on for Li-Ning a Shoe Company, The deadlines on this were really tight! I worked on the modeling of the stadiums so they could replace the greenscreen, I think it came out quite well given the difficulty they had on the project.

This last bunch were for a short film called Spirit-Ed. Not sure how much my model will be in it .

Martin the fish

Here is Martin the fish, the tropical abomination picked on and bullied because he was different and had 4 eyes…

Sure why not lol, Martin was a really fun speed sculpt session to test out all the awesome new features on zbrush 4r2…. omg I freakin love the new version, so liberating to just create and design and not have to worry about topology.

Started from a sphere, stretched and pulled then dynameshed, I started with the lowest possible dyno setting and slowly upped the count as I needed. thats it

Enjoy and happy zbrushing =D



x23 and a few other sculpts :3

Sup, here’s some new stuff I’ve been working on…. more projects… really need to finish a few off but new stuff is always popping up hehe.

I’m currently working on a really exciting project for a short film called Spirited-Ed so hopefully next update will be really good :D.

First one is x-23 for the Comicon challenge at Gameartisians, its based off a sketch by Marko Ddjurdjevic which i’ve always wanted to turn into 3d, so that’s what I have done, except with a cyberpunk twist to it 🙂 One of my favourite genres.

Second Is a character I did for a startup company, this was created within 4 days

Next is just a small update on my Graulan warrior, fully retopo’d and even did a demonstration on livestream on how to get it out from zbrush into maya with uv’s normal mapped and ao maps, I still wanna detail allot more in zbrush so heres where its at for now untill i get some free time.

Ohh yeah and I almost forgot, I did a super quick texture pass on 1 of my really old character models I did back in School, Im not very happy with it as its very rushed but here it is anyway, full game ready 2k maps

Peace out and happy zbrushing ! 🙂

Sneekie preview!

whasuup? here is my latest piece. Original concept by none other than the master Carlos Haunte done on a freakin ipad! if you havnt seen it check it out here

And here is my concept sculpt, a few hours of work from scratch with zspheres as my base. I was originaly recording my process but zbrush crashed when I saved out the video 😦 sorry guys, lukily i saved the model though 😀

 Hope ya like it! Keep sculpting every 1!

Couple of projects (nudity warning!)

Heres a few projects that I have been working on recently. Enjoy 😀

First is an art test that I was doing for Gameloft with a screenshot from within zbrush


This was another female I was going to work on for DWV but the art test came up so decided to do that instead.. still might pick her up later and finish off


Hey guys, hope every 1 is doing just swell 😛 just posting up an update on this female concept

Check back soon for more updates! im currently working on something for dominance war V!

hope you all like it. peace out n keep sculpting 😀


Female anatomy study

Working on a new female character for a short film project with my mate. Hope yas like her 😉

Some of the base geometry to start the clothing design then I take into photoshop to do some more exploring.